This page contains downloadable zip files of several liturgies in English translation. There are also some MP3 sound files of songs from the Syrian Liturgy.



From James Hough 'The History of Christianity in India':

  • Baptism

  • Marriage

  • Ordination of Readers

  • Ordination of sub-deacon (and others) (29kb)

Also from Hough

  • The Blessing of Epiphany waters (35kb)

Reading the Gospel

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From HW Codrington:

  • The West Syrian Liturgy of the Presanctified (6kb)

A new translation by Fr D Lane:

  • The Consecration of a Corepiscopa (9kb)

An English translation by David John:

  • The Ordination of an Archdeacon (6kb)

From the Mar Thoma Syrian Church:

  • The Liturgy of St James

  • The Anaphora of Mar Xystus (33kb)

Also from the Mar Thoma Syrian Church:

  • Marriage Service

crowning. zip (56kb)

From Brightman 'Liturgies Eastern and Western', the Letter of James of Edessa to Thomas the presbyter, concerning various liturgical matters

thomas. zip (6kb)

Baptismal commentaries by:

  • Dinoysios the Areopagite,

  • James of Edessa,

  • from the Synodicon,

  • George of the Arabs,

  • Moses bar Kepha,

  • Johannan of Marde.

baptism. zip (24kb)

The following downloadable files are some songs from the Syrian Liturgy sung by the Metropolitan and others. (The files are in MP3 format. They can be played by software such as Windows Media Player. If you don't have suitable software, you can download free from the Microsoft website.) 










A manuscript from the library at Thozhiyur, one of many manuscripts at the cathedral. (6kb)


For the liturgy of the Malabar Independent Syrian Church see the liturgical pages of Syrian Orthodox Resources.