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Kerala is on the south-east coast of India. It is divided into various districts of which Trichur is one.

Christianity has been long established in Kerala, with the arrival of St Thomas the apostle in AD52.

Christians form about 30% of the population, the rest being Hindu and Muslim. There's also a small Jewish community in Cochin.

Kerala is famous for its spices. Pepper, cardamom, and ginger are all grown here. Tea is grown in the mountains, and rubber is an important crop in the hills. Rice is grown in many places, and coconuts are particularly important on the coast.

There are rich fisheries both at sea and in the rivers and lakes.

Kerala is densely populated, and many of the inhabitants have gone to work outside of the state.

It is famous for having elected a communist government in and out of power.

The Malabar Independent Syrian Church is located in Thrissur District. The Cathedral is at Thozhiyur, a small village near to Kunnamkulam and Guruvayur.

There are also congregations in Madras, Coimbatore, and Cochin.

Thozhiyur is a place of coconut trees, being on the sandy coastal plain.

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A paddy field at Thozhiyur The backwaters The mountains